At this event, a collective inspiration ignited in many local spectators.  What was once the site of an abandoned building was now seen as a much needed, green, open space in the middle of a growing community. These inspired individuals organized to form a non-profit under the umbrella of the Whatcom Park and Recreation Foundation (WPRF) called The Maple Falls Park Committee (MFPC).


The Committee consists of four board members: a president, vice-president, secretary, and a treasurer, and our volunteer base is continually growing. The Committee meets every two weeks and keeps minutes which are part of the public record. Furthermore, the Committee has garnered the support and cooperation of the local Chamber of Commerce, as well as the local Lions Club.


All the local business owners have expressed their support of the park. Over 130 signatures in support of the park have been collected from residents of Maple Falls, many of whom are prepared to volunteer their time, talents, and equipment to make this park a reality. We will rely on networking and on our volunteer base within the community to build and to maintain this park.


Our park will not only serve the residents of Maple Falls, but also the two neighboring communities of Glacier and Kendall, both without parks of their own. The Maple Falls Park will include recreational sports fields and playgrounds that will host community organized sporting events, as well as provide a gathering place for events such as “Movies under the Stars” and outdoor concerts.


It will have a grilling area for family and neighborhood barbeque's; and it will promote a healthy lifestyle by providing a fitness trail that will hug the perimeter of the property.


In addition, the park will offer much needed parking for the trail-head that connects Maple Falls to Glacier which is a segment of the Baker to Bay Trail. The trail-head is located right across the street from the park and has no legal parking at this time. This will make the trail more inviting to visitors, which will potentially benefit local businesses.

In May 2013, the abandoned building that was the former Maple Falls Elementary School was demolished via a controlled burn.

With this park, we intend to engage Foothill residents with each other by making a local gathering place available. Through community events throughout the year, we desire to give all the residents of Maple Falls an opportunity to have a sense of ownership of the park.


We plan to build this project in stages. This year (2014) our focus is on continuing to stir up community awareness and excitement through a number of fund-raisers. By the spring of 2015, we will begin with the construction of the park.


There are no other projects of this kind in the works at this time in our area. However, residents in Kendall are aware of our endeavors and, if successful, are planning to build their own park in the future next to their Resource Center.


Our park will open the door for Maple Falls to become a place that is not only known as a place with a handful of small businesses, but also as a small community that has spirit, and that is host to a number of lively events throughout the year.


Before the Maple Falls Elementary School closed in 1999, it was a venue for numerous events and activities that brought our community together throughout the year. With the Maple Falls Park, our small community will once again have an inviting gathering place for young and old.


We invite you to help our small community to build a unique central gathering place by supporting this project.


Thank you for your time and interest.

Feel free to donate at Crossroads grocery next time you're in there, located in beautiful downtown Maple Falls!




Maple Falls Park Committee:

Jeff Hambelton, President

Hilary Groh , Vice President

Sonya Buckner, Secretary

Doris Roosma, Treasurer



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