In May 2016 we broke ground and had the first Maple Falls Park Pump Track work party - and got a TON done - thanks so much to all who came out and helped!


Now, in 2019, the pump track is nice and compacted after many hours of riding. Come practice your skills or hone in on a trick you've been trying to perfect.
Whatever your skill level, the pump track has a line for you!

The Maple Falls Park Concept Design, generously donated by Paul George of
Cascade Design Group:

The FITNESS TRACK project:

To help you live healthy life, we're adding in a walking trail to circumnavigate the park border, with two stationary workout zones will be in place soon!


We'd like to thank Sierra Pacific Foundation for their generous donation toward purchasing stationary fitness equipment. Thank you for your support of the Maple Falls Community Park! Without the backing from this organization, non of this would be possible!


A big thank you to Seeking Health's contribution for donating toward stationary fitness equipement! Look to them for any vitamin or supplement needs you may have. Without support from generous local companies like these, this project would not be possible!


Another local favorite, Brents Rents, has agreed to donate their time, skills and knowledge to help us get this project underway. Thank you so much, it is muchly appreciated!

For any dirt work, excavation projects , contact Brents Rents!


We will post updates for the upcoming work party on our events page.
Stay tuned!


The hard working committee and volunteers picked rocks, leveled and

re-seeded the ball field years ago. We've been lucky with the grass filling in bare spots and the field is filled in!

The New Basketball Hoop!

WECU's generous donation made a new backboard and hoop possible! We are so appreciative of their community support and efforts around Whatcom County!

We love the new addition to the park!

There is a basketball on location to use, please return to the crate after use! And have FUN!

Thank you again WECU!

Most recently, board members laid dirt and grass seed down to repair some hard ran spots on the kickball field. With recent rains and sunshine, the bare spots are showing fresh grass sprouts and filling in nicely!

Thank you for the continued maintenance support and efforts from the volunteers to get the grass growing!

THANK YOU for the continued support of the Maple Falls Park Group!

We will  keep posting about recent and current projects as we know of them.


Together, we will make the park GREAT again!


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